Magnetic Resonance Imaging
and CT Scanner

The 3.0 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scanner and 64 slice CT Scanner offer our patients the latest state of the art technology. Learn More

These diagnostic MRI studies are performed routinely at UDI as an adjunct to the imaging workup of multiple sclerosis (MS). These MRI examinations are routinely acquired on either the 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner or on the 3.0 Telsa unit without the necessity of injection of contrast material. Specialized sequences isolate and demonstrate the venous drainage through the dural sinuses within the brain and inside the skull. It can also how the blood flow upon exiting the base of the skull continuing in the internal and external jugular veins in the neck to the heart. The reason this is of interest is because of recent observations that vein narrowing may be contributing factor to the etiology of MS and treatment aimed at relieving these areas of narrowing may be of clinical beneficial to the patient.

(Illustration below; arrows show two focal areas of narrowing of the patient's right internal jugular vein high in the neck, just below the base of the skull)

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